Meet the Boss Lady!

This is my wife Mrs. Tuesday Shaw. She is our BOSS LADY around here at the gun store. She does all of our DuraCoat and Hydro dipping. She does amazing work! Come check out her art work and let her customize your gun for you too!
 These are just a few of the guns that Boss Lady has done.  She can also do Knives, Holsters,  and much more!
Call (205) 675-1200 and ask for the boss lady to see if she can help you!

Our Gunsmith 

Certified Gun Appraiser

Hi! My name is Chris Shaw and I am the gunsmith here. 

If you need your gun cleaned or repaired just give us a call or come on by and see us!

I am at the store Friday and Saturday.

Here at C&H Guns & Ammo, We clean and repair all firearms, Give free quote's on repair and cleaning of your firearm, and We make holsters as well.

We offer professional cleaning, and repairs on all makes and models, Timing Revolvers, Scope Mounting, Bluing and Refinishing. We also sell cleaning supplies.

Want to see how much your gun is worth?

We also have an AGI Certified Appraiser!!!



We offer all types of classes for Women, Children and of course Men.

We offer classes for Self Defense, Shooting, Personal Safety, and Taser Instruction. Classes are offered in groups or personal instruction.

At C&H  Guns and Ammo we don’t just sell and repair guns we will fit you with a gun and teach you how to use it.



(5- 10 people) are $25.00 per person for Personal Safety and Self Defense classes which includes 1 hour of classroom instruction and 2 hours on the range. Personal Safety teaches you how to be safe at home and when you are out and about.

Fire arms instruction is probably the most important part of buying and owning a gun. The firearms instruction class starts with safety classes and ends up at the range for live firing drills and real life scenarios to prepare the gun owner for that situation for when they might have to use their gun to protect themselves or another family member or friend.


4 hours, 2-hour class time and 2 hours of hands on instruction. This class teaches students how to defend them self in a kidnapping, abduction or a domestic violence situation with and without weapons.​


Some people are just not suited for a gun, so we also sell Taser’s (not stun guns) real Taser ECD and we will teach you how to use it. If you purchase a Taser from us we will teach you how it operates for free. If you want advanced instruction and purchased the Taser from us a 2-hour class is offered for $60.00 to cover the cost of the cartridges.

Because everyone works and has a busy life, classes for self-defense and personal safety are held

Saturdays from 10:00 PM - 1:00 PM