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Do I have to take classes before I buy a gun?

No, However Owning any type of weapon, no matter of what kind, is no good if you are not trained to use it. If you are buying a Gun or Taser then you need to be trained how to use it. People who just buy a weapon and never receive training in a bad situation wind up getting their own weapon used on them. This is why at C&H Enterprise Guns and Ammo we don’t just sell self-defense weapons; we train you on how to use them.

What if I am scared to shoot a gun?

Some people are just not suited for a gun, so we also sell Taser’s ECD

(not stun guns)  and we will teach you how to use it. 

If you purchase a Taser from us we will teach you how it operates for free.

What if I don't want a weapon in the house because I don't want my child to get it and harm Him or Her Self?

We here at C&H Enterprise Guns and Ammo understand your fear.

 We also teach children gun safety as well. We want to teach the young people of today that gun safety is very important. You may not have a gun in your house but if your child goes to a friends house and see's a gun and doesn't know gun safety it could turn into a bad situation very fast. 

We will teach children what happens when you fire a loaded gun, and show them the  damage it can do to them and the people around them. 

We want to help cut the firearm tragedies with children in half!

Do I have to own a pistol permit to own a gun?

Not in all cases. If you have it concealed then yes, but if it is not concealed then no you do not. However getting a permit makes getting a gun easier and it's a faster process!